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Cooking at home

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It's British Food Fortnight, so why not give our quintessentially British scone and apple crumble recipes a go?
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If you're looking to start cooking more at home, there's lots of easy and healthy recipes you can try, using basic kitchen ingredients.

For a lot of these recipes, you don't need any fancy gadgets and you don't have to be the next Mary Berry!  They're really easy to follow and quick to prepare, which is great if you've been at work all day, and will help you produce some healthy and tasty meals for all the family to enjoy.

New addition.... Your Weekly Meal Plan

If you’re lacking inspiration for what to cook the family each night, why not take a look at Yvonne’s fantastic free weekly meal plan?  There’s some really quick and tasty ideas for you and it's all for less than £45 for a family of 4!  Find out more on our weekly meal plan page.

Local ideas

We've got a few ideas for you to try, thanks to Yvonne from Herefordshire's Healthy Lifestyle Service.

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A photo of spinach, leek and cheese crumble served with salad

National ideas 

Change4Life has a fantastic range of meal ideas and recipes you can try, along with fun ways to help your kids stay healthy.

Jack Monroe is a British food writer, with a passion for cooking on a budget.  She has a great range of recipes to try at home, including an extensive vegan selection.