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Wiki-Me: a family held digital information sharing and communication tool

Wiki-Me is a  new digital platform being developed and trialled in Herefordshire with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, their families and the people who work with them.

The Wiki-Me platform combines  simple, secure personal website and social networking functions and enable communication, co-operation and joined up support for an individual’s family, friends, professionals and community circles.

The use of pictures, videos, sound, text and messages enable individual’s and their families, along with the professionals involved in their education and care, to keep in touch and learn from each other whilst making personalised education, health and care a reality.

Families can use Wiki-Me to store and update important information and choose who they share it with. It can support care planning, goal setting and review meetings.

The trial will be evaluated by the University of East London. The first part of this trial  started with 15 families in November 2017 and is now available for up to 250 users and their circles of support. Free licenses are available until December 2021 to those who wish to engage with Wiki-me and to provide feedback. An interim report is available on the Herefordshire Council website.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be good at using a computer, as training and support will be provided.

You can explore an example Wiki-me by visiting Multi-me and logging in as Student. Use the password 1234  to access the example.

If you’re interested in finding out more or requesting an account, please email :

Wiki-Me / RIX Multi-Me film