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  1. Sing out Strong: Hereford

    From: Sing out Strong

    SING OUT STRONG IS THE FIRST FAMILY OF CHOIRS AND SOCIAL-SINGING GROUPS TO FOCUS ON WELLBEING Sing out Strong is the UK's first family of choirs and social-singing groups, that take the stress out of everyday life and provide that powerful "wellbeing...

  2. Park and Cycle

    From: Choose How You Move - Herefordshire Council

    Many people would love to be able to cycle to work or to college but often journeys may be too far to manage by bike. Park and Cycle offers a staging post, providing convenient locations for people to break their journey, park their car for FREE and continue...

  3. Beryl Bikes

    From: Choose How You Move - Herefordshire Council

    It is now easier to travel around Hereford by bicycle, thanks to the introduction of an easy to use bike share scheme in the city. The scheme has 188 Beryl Bikes available from 38 Beryl Bays, which are the distinctive green marked bays located around...

  4. My Social Call

    From: Social Call Services

    Dealing with the challenges of today such as experiencing prolonged times of isolation and non-contact from other beings among the elderly requires problem-solvers like ourselves who created Social Call Services to combat this pandemic. We are driven...

  5. Sing out Strong

    From: Ross Children's Chorus

    Sing out Strong is the first family of choirs and social-singing groups to focus on wellbeing Sing out Strong is the UK's first family of choirs and social-singing groups, that take the stress out of everyday life and provide that powerful "wellbeing...

  6. Volunteer at the NEW Hereford Stroke Group

    From: Stroke Association

    We are setting up a new support group for people affected by stroke and their carers in Hereford and would love to hear from both prospective members and volunteers. The group will meet fortnightly and there will be a range of activities and outings on...

  7. Gardening Volunteer

    From: Sidney Nolan Trust

    Gardening Volunteer Do you have a passion for gardening? Why not join our gardening team? Currently, our gardens may seem wild and unkempt as we are in the process of creating a vision for what they could look like in the future. Gardening expertise is...

  8. Volunteering Opportunities

    From: Sidney Nolan Trust

      Volunteering Opportunities There are always interesting projects happening at The Rodd for which we really need your help. From bringing Rodd Court to life to taking part in our up and coming events; getting involved here can be rewarding and fun. You...

  9. Dream Your Future Counselling

    From: Dream Your Future Counselling

    High quality, affordable, professional counselling service for people with children who wish to talk through difficult life issues in a safe, caring and confidential environment.

  10. Line Dance Lessons

    From: Step-In-Time Line Dancing Herefordshire

    Line dance lessons provided by qualified BWDA (Best Western Dance Academy) & UKDC (United Kingdon Dance Council) line dance instructor. Classes take place on Monday evenings at Lion Ballroom, Leominster and on Friday evenings at Our Lady Queen of Martyr...

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