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Due to the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, if you’re interested in any of the services, groups or activities listed on WISH, please contact the organiser directly, to check they’re still running.

To keep up to date with all the latest information, guidance and what's available, please visit our national information and guidance, local community information and stay at home exercises and activities pages.

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  1. Children and Young People's Services

    From: Guide Dogs

    We offer a range of Children and Young People's services including: Access technology and grants, CustomEyes books, Education support, Family support, Guide dogs for children and young people, Movement Matters, Family events, Buddy dogs for children.

  2. My Guide Service

    From: Guide Dogs

    My Guide is our free service that helps people with a vision impairment get out of their homes and into the community with a volunteer as their sighted guide. Sighted guiding helps to build self-confidence, increase social interaction and be part of the...

  3. Guide Dog Service

    From: Guide Dogs

    If you are blind or partially sighted Guide Dogs is committed to providing you with a guide dog or another more suitable mobility service. Age – there is no lower or upper age limit Living circumstances – religious or cultural backgrounds; city or rural...

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