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  1. Children and Young People's Services

    From: Guide Dogs

    We offer a range of Children and Young People's services including: Access technology and grants, CustomEyes books, Education support, Family support, Guide dogs for children and young people, Movement Matters, Family events, Buddy dogs for children.

  2. My Guide Service

    From: Guide Dogs

    My Guide is our free service that helps people with a vision impairment get out of their homes and into the community with a volunteer as their sighted guide. Sighted guiding helps to build self-confidence, increase social interaction and be part of the...

  3. Guide Dog Service

    From: Guide Dogs

    If you are blind or partially sighted Guide Dogs is committed to providing you with a guide dog or another more suitable mobility service. Age – there is no lower or upper age limit Living circumstances – religious or cultural backgrounds; city or rural...

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