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  1. The Money Carer Foundation

    From: The Money Carer Foundation

    The Money Carer Foundation is a national social enterprise that provides a trusted appointeeship service to protect vulnerable adults and to manage their everyday finances in line with our local partnership with the DWP. This involves paying utility bills,...

  2. Speech Link Multimedia Ltd

    From: Speech Link Multimedia Ltd

    Schools use our online serviced packages, Language Link and Speech Link, to identify and support children with mild to moderate speech or language difficulties. The assessments, resources and support are designed by speech and language therapists and...

  3. Aspire Tea Club

    From: Aspire Living Limited

    Our tea club is for young people aged 14+ who have a learning disability. As a member you will choose and plan what meals are made and enjoy eating meals with your friends before Youth Club. This encourages you to learn to work together, a very important...

  4. Aspire Youth Club

    From: Aspire Living Limited

    Our youth club is for young people aged 14+ who have a learning disability. As a member you will choose and plan what you want to do. This encourages you to learn to work together, a very important social skill. Recent youth club trips have been to the...

  5. Aspire Short Breaks for Young People (Buddies)

    From: Aspire Living Limited

    If you are a younger person, from 14+, buddying is a great way for you to get to know to what is happening in your community. You will choose your buddy and decide what you want to do with them. You might want to go to a football match or play football...

  6. Aspire Growing

    From: Aspire Living Limited

    Aspire Growing offers lots of opportunities that empower people to make choices and develop skills and confidence.  At Aspire Growing we have a kitchen/cafe and a garden, we also have another cafe running out the Aspire Community Hub. We are able to offer...

  7. Aspire@St Owens

    From: Aspire Living Limited

    Everyone has a right to choose how they spend their time, regardless of their communication or support needs. Our staff teams will empower you to choose what you want to do, getting out and about in your community, going on trips or on holiday, or spending...

  8. Wait More, Weigh Less

    From: Make a meal of it

    An 8 week program designed to help you understand why traditional diets may not be working for you.  This takes a scientific hormonal approach, which is flexible and doesn't involve counting calories, tracking macros or depriving yourself of your favourite...

  9. Exercise from the chair

    From: Together Active

    Limited mobility doesn't mean you can't exercise! Come and join Dee and make exercise part of your life. Join our fun session, set to music. The exercise session takes between 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the participant's abilities and needs. I can...

  10. Customer Involvement Panel

    From: Herefordshire Housing Association

    We need you to have your say on housing services. The Customer Involvement Panels (CIP) for Herefordshire and Shropshire are small groups of residents who reflect the diverse and varied needs of all tenants. They would like more new members. Scrutiny...

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