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Due to the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, if you’re interested in any of the services, groups or activities listed on WISH, please contact the organiser directly, to check they’re still running.

To keep up to date with all the latest information, guidance and what's available, please visit our national information and guidance, local community information and stay at home exercises and activities pages.

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  1. Volunteer Support

    From: Deaf Direct

    Would you like someone to help you with: Getting out and about and socialising Activities such as the gym, clubs and classes Keeping you company at home Befriending Finding a new hobby  Contact us to find out about our volunteers who have specialist knowledge...

  2. BSL Courses

    From: Deaf Direct

    Deaf Direct has a dedicated training team offering a wide range of specialist  British Sign Language training. British Sign Language (BSL) is the natural language of the Deaf Community in Britain. It is quite different from spoken English and was recognised as...

  3. Lipreading Course

    From: Deaf Direct

    Lipreading classes at Deaf Direct are welcoming and friendly. You will meet people who share your difficulties. Our friendly and experienced tutor will teach you the skills you need to improve communication in your daily life. Feel part of the family...

  4. Sensory Impairment Service

    From: Deaf Direct

    If you live with a hearing loss, we can provide you with equipment that can help you to hear the TV and doorbell better. We can supply you with information and advice on the best telephones and other equipment that you can buy. You can refer yourself,...

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