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Emma Reed Counselling

Emma Reed Counselling

My name is Emma, and I am an experienced counsellor working in Ledbury and Malvern. My passion is supporting women through difficult life changes, helping with finding balance and building confidence to adjust to new demands.


Counselling is typically a longer-term therapeutic relationship offering safety and understanding. My work is Integrative, combining Person-Centred and Psychodynamic approaches with a focus on somatic experiencing. This essentially means I respond to you as an individual and as someone who is capable of healing, whilst exploring how past events may be affecting you physically, emotionally and mentally. It is up to you how long you wish this process to continue, but we can work together in a way that supports real change and growth.


I am warm and personable, open and non-judgemental, and my intention is to understand what is happening in your life from your point of view. As I share with you my understanding of your struggles, you will have the chance to make new connections and gain new insights about yourself and the challenges you face.


I work in private practice in Ledbury and Malvern, and in a counselling agency in Malvern. I am an Accredited Registrant Member of The National Counselling Society. I also offer progressive therapeutic hypnotherapy.

Price:£45.00 per session

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