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Walsingham Support

Organisation type: Charity

(Previously Salters Hill Charity , we officially became part of Walsingham Support in 2018)

We support people with disabilities to have a full life. This includes those who have learning disabilities, and also for those with other forms of disability (including physical, mental, sensory and degenerative disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and brain injuries) and including those with multiple disabilities.

Locally we can offer a variety of services including supported living accomodation in Ledbury and Gorsley and support for people living in their own homes in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

We also provide a varied program of Creative Learning workshops in subjects such as arts and crafts, woodwork,  animal care, cooking, numbers and reading skills as well as a job club and employment skills.

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    Walsingham Support
    The Barn, Keepers Cottage
    Falcon Lane