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Emma Reed Counselling

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Whether life is changing around you, or changes are occurring within, sometimes it can be hard to keep balanced and focused.

Women in transition:
Our roles as women change throughout our lives, but it is not always easy to adjust to the new expectations each stage brings. Whether you need help to cope with the sudden demands of a sick relative or new family, or with the overwhelming freedom of retirement or children leaving home, counselling will help you to maintain balance and perspective.

When you come for counselling with me, you will meet someone who is interested in who you are as a person. I will seek to understand the world from your point of view. As I share my insights that come from experience and training, you will gain a new awareness of your own reactions and be able to make choices that are right for you at this time of your life. Not only that, but I will encourage you to become softer in your relationship with yourself. You have very good reasons for doing things the way you do, and accepting those reasons allows you to feel more comfortable with who you are.

I am passionate about providing a safe and supportive space where you can feel you really matter. My focus is on accepting you just as you are, appreciating how you came to your current situation and encouraging you to be true to yourself. In this therapeutic relationship it is possible for you to discover what you really want and need, to work through whatever it is that holds you back and to make the choices that are right for you.

Accredited Registrant Member of The National Counselling Society and The National Hypnotherapy Society.

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