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Choices Foundation C.I.C.

Organisation type: Social Enterprise

A new name for old fashioned ideals, Choices Foundation C.I.C. is a small local community interest company formed specifically to support vulnerable adults into work and work related experiences within our local community of Herefordshire. We are experienced providers of this service with over 20 years working within the care fields (so you'll be safe and supported!). Our ambition, with the help of our workers and Volunteers is to produce quality garden and leisure furniture as well as craft items. You will learn all the processes of design, manufacture and final sales through our own retail outlet within the city of Hereford. Over 80% of our materials come from re-cycling and up-cycling. We are supported by local timber merchants, builders and the general public who donate timber and other products that would normally go to landfill. We refurbish and repair older furniture also as part of our up-cycling project using any pieces of scrap or un-loved furniture. Our own retail outlet where we promote the work we do is in the Maylord Shopping Centre, where all of our products are sold into the general public by our very own special sales team this outlet is known as Hand Made in Hereford and is the trading arm of the charity we support known as Widemarsh Ventures. The ethos of our company is to support vulnerable adults to become valued members of the community that we all live in and to give them self-worth, confidence and skills to challenge the world. We are commissioned by many schools and other care organisations to produce benches, summer houses and other Organisations that enhance the lives of profoundly disabled people. Choices Foundation C.I.C. is an umbrella organisation to cover the projects known as “Handmade in Hereford”, Widemarsh Ventures” and “Widemarsh Enterprises” which all in turn supports our workers, their families and the local community (Widemarsh Ventures the Charity No. 514862). We have free taster days for all respective workers and we hold open days, so just pop in and come and see what we do! Join us; it’s a fun place to be!

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    Choices Foundation C.I.C.
    Unit -2
    Three Elms Trading Estate
    Bakers Lane