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Due to the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, if you’re interested in any of the services, groups or activities listed on WISH, please contact the organiser directly, to check they’re still running.

To keep up to date with all the latest information, guidance and what's available, please visit our national information and guidance, local community information and stay at home exercises and activities pages.

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  1. Deaf Direct


    Information and guidance

    Anyone can contact us with any queries about deafness so please get in touch.

    Communication Services

    Book sign language interpreters, lipspeakers, notetakers and other communication professionals to ensure effective communication at any appointments, meetings, events or training.

    Outreach Services

    Support for deaf and hard of hearing clients and their families to maintain independent living, such as help to get out and about, support with money management and housing issues, access to equipment, learning new skills and how to access other support services.

    Training courses

    British Sign Language training, deaf awareness and communication tactics courses. Bespoke training in the workplace to improve communication and accessibility. Deaf awareness training.

    Youth and Family Services

    Social activities and support for deaf and hard of hearing young people and their families.

    Hard of hearing support

    Information and advice about hearing aids, assistive equipment for the home and workplace, strategies for communication, lipreading courses, and social and support groups. 

    Volunteer opportunities

    Volunteers are a vital component of our service provision. We have established recruitment and induction processes, free training opportunities and a wide range of clients who benefit from volunteer support.