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Things to do for older people

Getting involved in local groups and activities can help you stay healthy for longer, remain independent and enjoy life more. It is a great way to socialise and meet new people and there are plenty of activities and groups you can join in with.

You could think about taking part in an activity, or go to a class. Maybe take up a new hobby or learn a skill. Or you could think about volunteering to help out somewhere. There are groups and clubs across Herefordshire covering most interests. Where it doesn't exist, there might be something you do (crafts, performing, local history) that other people might be interested in - you could consider starting a group locally yourself.

Getting involved in some kind of exercise or sport is not only good for your physical and mental wellbeing, but can also really help with morale and is another good way of meeting people and making new friends. Further information on physical activity can found in our Being active section.

You may be looking for paid work or want to so some volunteering or maybe you want to do some training or explore learning opportunities. Visit our section on Learning, work and volunteering for information.

There are also a number of organisations across Herefordshire who run activities and schemes that you might be interested in, go to the WISH service directory to search for details of these organisations.

You can also search for events and activities going on in your local community or across the county in the What's on events calendar.

Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs are a great way for getting out, meeting friends and socialising, whilst enjoying a good nutritious meal. More information can be found in the Meal services and lunch clubs section of this website.


If you need help with transport to get out and about, visit the Transport and travel section of this website.

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