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Could you benefit from funding advice and support?

09 July 2020

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Funding for community groups and support for social enterprises

Are you thinking about starting a new group or social enterprise in your local community?  Perhaps you’re already running one, but need some advice on how to fund and run your activities? 

It can sometimes be hard to know how best to set up a new group and then how to keep everything going, which is where Herefordshire Council’s Funding and Enterprise Team can step in and help you out!

They offer a range of fantastic advice and support, including one to one meetings, training sessions and group workshops.

Community funding advice

The team provide free information and advice on available funding opportunities for community and voluntary sector projects in Herefordshire, including:

  • Advice around the most suitable grants for your proposed project
  • Help to complete application forms
  • Support throughout the process

If you’d like to find out more, contact:

Dave Tristram: Funding and Enterprise Officer
01432 260636  ●

Social enterprise / charity advice

There are over 250 successful social enterprises operating within Herefordshire, covering everything from catering, care and wellbeing services and tourism to care farms, horticulture and community shops / cafes.  Social enterprises are sometimes set up to take over the running of public services within local communities from the council.

The team can help with:

  • Business development and sustainability
  • Social investment, crowdfunding and grants
  • Social impact measurement
  • Incorporation and legal structures
  • Mentoring, business coaching and training

If you’d like to find out more, contact:

Elaine Edwards: Funding and Enterprise Officer
01432 383030  ●  

To find out more, download the handy funding and enterprise leaflet or visit or

Did you know…

From 1 March to 30 June 2020, the Funding and Enterprise Team:

  • Responded to over 150 funding enquiries from community and voluntary groups and social enterprises.

  • Helped organisations secure over 50 grants worth £1.4million, of which over three quarters were in response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Over the forthcoming months, external funding may become increasingly hard to find, but the team is always available to help!